Hason Raja was born in 1854 in a wealthy landlord's family in Sylhet

Hason Raja was born in 1854 in a wealthy landlord's family in Sylhet. He did not receive much formal education. | Class Six Seen Comprehension | Class
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Hason Raja was born in 1854

Hason Raja was born

Read the text carefully and answer questions.

Hason Raja was born in 1854 in a wealthy landlord's family in Sylhet. He did not receive much formal education. In his youth, he led a life of luxury. He had everything— money, comfort and pleasure. At one time he understood that all these are meaningless. He gave away all of his properties. He started to think deeply about the Creator, about life, death and mankind. 
Hason Raja wrote a lot of songs, perhaps about a thousand in number. His book called 'Hason Udash' was published in 1906. The book had 206 songs in it. In his songs Hason called himself 'Crazy Hason Raja' or the 'Pagla Hason Raja'. A volume called 'Hason Raja Samagra' (Complete Works of Hason Raja) was also published. The book contained 500 poems and songs. Some of the songs were written by the poet in Hindi.

Hason Raja's songs were always popular in Sylhet. But very soon they spread all over Bangladesh and beyond. In India's West Bengal, some eminent folk singers made Hason's songs popular.
[Lesson — 21(B)]

বঙ্গানুবাদ : 

হাসন রাজা ১৮৫৪ সালে সিলেটে একটা ধনী জমিদার পরিবারে জন্মগ্রহণ করেছিলেন। তিনি খুব বেশি প্রাতিষ্ঠানিক শিক্ষা লাভ করেননি। তার  যৌবনে, তিনি বিলাসিতায় জীবন কাটিয়েছিলেন। তার টাকা পয়সা, আরাম-আয়েশ, আনন্দ-উল্লাস সবকিছু ছিল। একটা সময় তার মনে হলো এ সবকিছু অর্থহীন। তিনি তাঁর সমস্ত সম্পত্তি দান করে দিয়েছিলেন। তিনি গভীরভাবে ভাবতে শুরু করেছিলেন সৃষ্টিকর্তা সম্পর্কে, জীবন ও মৃত্যু এবং মানবজাতি সম্পর্কে। হাসন রাজা প্রচুর গান লিখেছিলেন,  সম্ভবত সংখ্যায় প্রায় এক হাজার। তাঁর বই “হাসন উদাস” ১৯০৬ সালে প্রকাশিত হয়েছিল। বইটিতে ২০৬ খানা গান ছিল। হাসন তার গানের মধ্যে নিজেকে ‘উন্মাদ হাসন রাজা’ বা ‘পাগলা হাসন রাজা’ বলে অভিহিত করেছেন। ‘হাসন রাজা সমগ্র’ (হাসন রাজার সম্পূর্ণ সৃষ্টিকর্ম) নামে একখানা পুস্তকও প্রকাশিত হয়েছিল। বইটিতে ৫০০ কবিতা এবং গান অন্তর্ভ্ক্তু ছিল। কবি কর্তৃক কিছু গান হিন্দিতে লেখা হয়েছিল।
হাসন রাজার গান সিলেটে সর্বদা জনপ্রিয় ছিল। কিন্তু খুব শীঘ্রই তার গান সমস্ত বাংলাদেশ এবং তার বাইরেও ছড়িয়ে পড়ে। ভারতের পশ্চিম বাংলায় কিছু বিখ্যাত লোকসঙ্গীত শিল্পী হাসন রাজার গান জনপ্রিয় করেছেন। 

Questions And Solutions:

1. Choose the best answer from the alternatives.

(a) Hason Raja was born in ______.

(i) a poor family
(ii) a wealthy family
(iii) a working class family 
(iv) none of the above

(b) Hason Raja did not lack anything, because ______.

(i) he was a king
(ii) he had much landed property
(iii) he gave away all his property 
(iv) he had not much formal education

(c) "Hason Raja Samagra" is the name of ______.

(i) a book of poem
(ii) a book of essay
(iii) a book of drama  
(iv) a book of poem and songs

(d) Hasan Raja Samagra contained ——.

(i) 300 poems and songs
(ii) 206 poems and songs
(iii) 500 poems and songs
(iv) 600 poems and songs

(e) What did Hason Raja begin to realise?

(i) life is meaningless 
(ii) luxury is meaningless
(iii) there is no creator 
(iv) none

(f)  wealthy means

(i) rich
(ii) poor
(iii) weak  
(iv) filthy 

(g) luxury means

(i) comfort 
(ii) enjoyment 
(iii) fresh
(iv) fun 

(h)  eminent means

(i) famous  
(ii) known 
(iii) unknown 
(iv) safe 

(i) pleasure means

(i) joy  
(ii) pressure
(iii) think 
(iv) seduction 

(j) contain means

(i) start
(ii) avoid 
(iii) give up 
(iv) include 


a.-(ii); b-(ii); c-(iv); d-(iii); e-(i) ;(f)—(i); (g)—(i); (h)—(i); (i)—(i); (j)—(iv).

2. Answer the following questions.

(a) When and where was Hason Raja born?
(b) How was the life of Hason Raja?
(c) What was the change in Hason Raja's life?
(d) Why did he give away his properties?
(e) What is "Hason Raja Samagra"?


(a) Hason Raja was born in 1854 in a wealthy landlord's family in Sylhet.
(b) Hason Raja was born in a wealthy landlord's family. He led a luxurious life and had everything— money, comfort and pleasure.
(c) Hason Raja, suddenly, started to think about Creator, life and death and mankind. And then, a change came to his life.
(d) At one time Hason Raja understood that all the worldly properties are meaningless. So he gave away all his properties.
(e) "Hason Raja Samagra" is the complete works of Hason Raja. The book contains 500 songs and poems.

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